“Treequencies” by Jason McKoy

Treequencies sculpture by Jason McKoy

Treequencies, 2023
Artist: Jason “The Real” McKoy

Repurposed tree limbs, paracord, rope, cement, theremins, up-cycled/found materials

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? This is a popular thought experiment around perception, but what if plant life actually did make sounds? What would it sound like? How would you perceive it? Would you even listen? Treequencies is about tuning in to the spirit of Fern Hollow. Feel free to place your hands on this Plantenna and find the point of connection to the flora of Fern Hollow.

The installation of Treequencies was undertaken by Jason “The Real” McKoy and staff from UpstreamPgh, with help from Junior Green Corps members.

About the Fern Hollow Visioning Project

Frick Park is one of the most beloved natural gems of the Pittsburgh region. A significant part of that land, the Fern Hollow Valley, is home to the longest unculverted tributary to Nine Mile Run, Fern Hollow Creek. Since the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge in January 2022, construction activities have caused disruptions to the flow and water quality of the creek, and crucial wetlands have been potentially impacted by sedimentation caused by heavy equipment and tree canopy loss. This will ultimately negatively impact wildlife habitat and biodiversity in the Park at large.

As a part of UpstreamPgh’s continued effort to restore Fern Hollow, we are working alongside artists and partner organizations to help engage the greater Pittsburgh community in the visioning of three to five sites that will be implemented in the park. Our three main focuses will be on activating areas through placemaking, propelling the recovery of the ecosystem through ecological restoration, and enhancing the landscape with commissioned public art.

Learn more about the Fern Hollow Visioning Project here!

About the Artist

JASON MCKOY is an ARTvocate, Social Innovator, Branding + Identity Consultant, and weirdo from NYC now living in PGH. He wears a lot of hats. Living with Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety has informed how he navigates the world creatively. Whether through illustration or multimedia art installation, Jason sees each piece of his work as a solution to a puzzle. He is the founder of McKoy Creative, a warm hug for small businesses and non-profit organizations, providing creative services from concept to completion that benefit communities. 

When not making stuff, he’s either playing video games, creating cocktails, or sleeping.

Find out more about Jason’s other projects at his website!


McKoy Creative
Operation Better Block: Junior Green Corps


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts