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Protect Fern Hollow

Join us for a healthy park, a healthy ecology and a healthy community.
Fern hollow image taken March 2022
Fern Hollow hillside March 2022

Fern Hollow, UpstreamPgh site visit, March 2022.

When the Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed, it didn’t just leave travelers injured and the East End stymied without a critical artery. It collapsed directly into Fern Hollow, into Frick Park and into the Nine Mile Run Watershed area we’ve spent 20 years stewarding.

Today, we call on our community, our partners and our friends to join us in our advocacy efforts. The members of the Fern Hollow Bridge Collective are advocating for:

  1. Safety: A complete streets layout on Forbes from Dallas to Braddock that ensures the highest possible level of safety for all users.
  2. Aesthetics: A bridge that is worthy of Frick Park and respects the architectural history of the area.
  3. Environment: The use of best management practices to reduce the environmental impact of construction, followed by an ecological restoration of the construction zone as well as improvement/restoration of Fern Hollow downstream of the Bridge.

Join us so we won’t just have a bridge for all to use safely, we’ll make Fern Hollow better than it was. Without these efforts, we may lose one of the most significant and beautiful swaths of nature in the city.

Sign on to urge our elected officials, government authorities and community leaders to #ProtectFernHollow.

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