Your environment. Your voice.

We hope you’ll join us – and our partners – to get involved and take action in the ways that are most meaningful to you. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas.

15 ways to get involved

1. Participate in the Our Water Campaign, which is the evolution of both the Clean Rivers Campaign and Our Water Campaign.

2. Join a committee or local civic group and ensure a voice for the environment is present!

3. If you see any of the following, please report to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: fish kill or algal bloom, public sewer leaks, oil or hazardous material spill, sedimentation runoff, or critical area or wetlands violations. If you see any of these things in the Nine Mile Run restoration area, please also contact our staff, AFTER you report to PADEP.

4. Submit letters to the editors of news outlets about environmental issues in your area.

5. Provide comments to local, state and federal governments on environmental issues.

6. Stay on top of pending legislation, and quickly find information to contact your federal elected representatives.

7. Find information and updates on pending state legislation impacting environmental efforts in Pennsylvania.

8. Find out how your PA state senator and representative have voted on important environmental legislation.

9. Browse this helpful site for big picture actions, many of which will also impact us locally.

10. Check out the simplest approach to quick action we’ve seen.

11. If climate change is what keeps you up at night, take action here, or keep up to date with this site.

12. Get active with one of our partner organizations: Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, PennFuture or PennEnvironment.

13. Need to get in touch with Pittsburgh City Council? Check out this page containing contact info for each Council District.

14. City of Pittsburgh residents: Not sure which district you live in? Check out this color-coded map.

15. And, of course, join us at upcoming UpstreamPgh events.