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Rain barrel Pittsburgh PA

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are a useful way to capture rainwater from your roof to be used for around-the-house tasks like watering your garden or washing your car. In addition to being a great way to save on your water bill during the hot summer months, rain barrels can help reduce the amount of storm water leaving your property.

native landscape around house Pittsburgh pa

Native Landscape Design

Native plants have evolved over centuries as an integral part of our local ecology. Many plants sold by commercial nurseries and big-box stores are exotic ornamentals which don’t provide the right food for birds and insects in our region; some are invasive, and can escape from your garden to become established in nearby fields and forests. Whether your yard is sunny or shady, there are dozens of native plants and shrubs that are easier to care for and will help restore the ecological balance of our region. Let us design a native landscape that’s perfect for you.

Rain Garden Pittsburgh PA

Rain Garden Design

Consider a rain garden if you are looking for an effective way to reduce stormwater runoff from your property year-round. A rain garden is an area where the soil level is lower than the surrounding property, which receives runoff from your roof, driveway, or sidewalk. Planted with native perennials, it can add beauty to your home while helping to solve one of our region’s most intractable problems – sewer overflows caused by excessive stormwater runoff entering our sewer systems. Designed to drain within 12 to 48 hours, rain gardens are NOT breeding grounds for mosquitoes. To work correctly, rain gardens must be properly designed and sized. Let UpstreamPgh create a well-built rain garden for you.

Rain Garden Pittsburgh PA

Pollinator Garden Design

Pollinator gardens create habitats essential for sustaining local populations of native birds, bees, butterflies and insects throughout the year. They differ in function from typical ornamental gardens, as every garden element is thoughtfully selected to attract and nourish pollinators. Specific (preferably native) plants provide a range of food and shelter and baths/pools provide sources of water for creatures to drink and bathe. We can provide these sources of food, water and shelter for various birds, bees, insects and butterflies to help you qualify for certification through Penn State University. *Additional fees may apply for certification

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