Urban EcoStewards

Urban EcoSteward tending Nine Mile Run

Urban EcoStewards

Thousands of volunteer hours are poured into Frick Park each year. UpstreamPgh provides training for these “super-volunteer” citizens who commit to becoming long-term stewards of the green within the Nine Mile Run Urban Stream Restoration area. Each Urban EcoSteward adopts a specific section of the park to maintain. After hands-on training from our staff, volunteers work through the year to keep the park beautiful and healthy.

Urban EcoSteward projects include invasive plant removal, planting native flora, cleaning up trash, tree care and more. Additionally, Urban EcoStewards visit their sites as often as possible, provide ongoing feedback about issues impacting the restoration and assist with monthly streamflow and water quality monitoring.

In essence, these volunteers are one of NMR’s greatest assets.


Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy