Nine Mile Run Hydrology Tool

Hydrology Map of Pittsburgh PA
Drainage pipe

Nine Mile Run Hydrology Tool

In 2019, we began working with local GIS firm CivicMapper to create a watershed hydrology tool that would allow us to calculate runoff at almost any point in the watershed. The tool was originally used to identify a number of sites with large stormwater capture potential, but it is now used more widely to assess new project sites.

The tool uses a number of proprietary and public data layers to calculate the amount of runoff as well as the upstream contributing basin for any given point. Using this tool we can assess the furthest distance water may travel over land prior to reaching a proposed inlet or project site. As a conceptual planning tool, this allows us to focus on the areas in the watershed with a high potential area of capture.

When paired with the Nine Mile Run Equity Study, we can assess the specific areas in underserved communities where Green Stormwater Infrastructure would have not only the biggest social impact, but also the biggest impact on stormwater runoff and urban flooding.

The Hydrology Tool is enabling our team to better identify sites in the early stages of development without the help of a costly engineer.