Municipal Ordinance Consulting

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Municipal Ordinance Consulting

We pride ourselves in being both subject-matter experts and a resource to our watershed communities. Among the numerous ways we are able wear both hats is by offering assistance with the development and updating of local ordinances and codes. Our watershed boroughs are relatively small and nimble but do not always have the capacity to stay informed about the modernization of urban ecology and the codes that impact it.

Municipal codes dictate everything from the types of trees that can be planted to the materials that are permitted for use as a walking surface; crafting of that language can either discourage or facilitate forward-thinking community members, businesses and organizations. By working with communities to update ordinances to reflect the local needs and trends, we have enabled residents to replace old crumbling sidewalks with permeable pavement, allowing more water to reach the root zone of trees and plants. We’ve also assisted in changing codes to create a Shade Tree Advisory Committee in Edgewood, and we continue to look for innovative ways for our watershed municipalities to update their codes in a manner that benefits our urban ecosystem and the Nine Mile Run Watershed. The Nine Mile Run Stormwater Partnership is a common avenue for initiating these changes.

Examples of updated language can be found here:

Best Management Practice (BMP)

Shade Trade Advisory


Borough of Edgewood
Borough of Wilkinsburg
Borough of Swissvale