Green Stormwater Infrastructure Monitoring

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Green Stormwater Infrastructure Monitoring

Successful Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) projects are proven to reduce the volumes of sewage and stormwater entering the sewer system. This makes monitoring a critical element of any GSI project. Baseline or pre-construction data is required in order to monitor the overall project and provide a clear picture of runoff entering nearby catch basins. The baseline data is then measured against post-construction data. The result is the total volume of runoff in gallons removed by the green stormwater infrastructure from the combined sewer system that overflows into the stream.

Since 2015, UpstreamPgh has been expanding our GSI monitoring at sites across the region.

Pre-construction and post-construction monitoring are underway and informing work at Oakwood-Batavia Green Stormwater Infrastructure project and at Crescent Early Childhood Center Green Stormwater Infrastructure. With these in place, we are able to provide extremely accurate data about rainfall in the area and GSI effectiveness.

We continue to secure additional post-construction monitoring equipment to help track both the inflow of surface runoff into each system, and the outflow, or overflow of water from the system. This allows for a much more detailed analysis of the functionality of the facilities and highlight areas for further improvement.


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