Climate Justice Collaborative

Climate Justice Collaborative
Diverse group touring Nine Mile Run Pittsburgh PA

Climate Justice Collaborative

Launched in 2020, the Climate Justice Collaborative formalizes the themes around environmental justice, climate equity and regenerative development that had been embedded in our projects. As we continue to expand our reach, cultivate partnerships and undertake new projects, we are intentionally committed to equity and justice considerations in all of our work. We have adopted guiding principles, including Combating Institutional and Structural Racism, Promoting Accessibility and Inclusion, Illustrating Environmental Inequality, Organizing Grassroots and Modeling Ethical Practices, that frame all our work.

Read our Climate Equity Principles

The Climate Justice Collaborative is part of our work to engage a diverse group of community leaders and residents across our watershed, as we believe that residents have unique perspectives and deep neighborhood knowledge that will be crucial to the success of this initiative. We are working to increase environmental resilience and climate change preparedness across neighborhoods through community outreach.


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