Citizen Tree Project

Citizen planting tree Pittsburgh PA
Citizen Tree Project

Citizen Tree Project

Since the fall of 2018, we have worked to grow our watershed urban forest canopy on private property. After years of investment in street and park trees, it became apparent that without strategic investment in our private tree canopy, we would continue to lose canopy every year regardless of our investment in public trees.

Canopy is lost at a significant rate on private property where municipal oversight is more limited than in the public right away. Still, aside from park trees, trees on private property face the least resistance in their development. Protected from the hazards of streets and sidewalks, residential trees can often reach their maximum potential and offer the greatest benefits.

The Citizen Tree Project has helped plant 70+ trees on residential property over a two-year period. Recipients pay a small fee and receive a small tree as well as training in tree planting and care. Our team also provides assistance with planting for homeowners who required it.


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