Carnegie Parking Lots Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Carnegie Parking lot stormwater garden Stormwater maintenance Pittsburgh PA
Carnegie Plan for rain garden
Maintenance Guidelines for the Carnegie East and West Main St. Parking Lots

Carnegie Parking Lots Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Carnegie Borough has a thriving main street with two large municipal parking lots for patrons of the business district. In 2015, we teamed up with Carnegie Borough and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to develop a plan that planted more than 2,100 plants and created a maintenance guide for the borough’s public works crew. The highly visible project successfully transformed the parking lots into a nature retreat, with rain gardens and bioswales lining the parking spaces.

The project not only captured a sizeable amount of water, it beautified the entire business district in the process. It also provided hands-on impact, as our team managed a large volunteer corps on planting day.


Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Carnegie Borough


Western Pennsylvania Conservancy received a state grant to construct the project.