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Healthy ecology, healthy community

At UpstreamPgh, we work to identify smart solutions for our environment that help people live better lives. With a heritage of restoration and stewardship of the Nine Mile Run Watershed, and strong leadership in stormwater management, our actions are rooted in our belief that a healthy ecology is the cornerstone of a healthy community.


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We work to connect people with nature for a positive impact on the environment. From schoolchildren to municipal leaders, scientists to citizens, volunteers to homeowners, a healthy community starts with education, outreach and engagement.

Learn more about our initiatives and the projects that bring engagement to life.

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Our watershed, our stream, our urban tree canopy, our ecosystem. They all deserve a voice. We work to advance new ideas that create change by advocating for policies and practices that further the health of our environment.

Learn more about our initiatives and the projects that bring advocacy to life.

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As a regional leader in stormwater management, we work with municipalities, homeowners, private organizations and public entities on services and infrastructure projects that are effective, environmentally responsible, and yes, beautiful.

Learn more about our initiatives and the projects that bring plan/build to life.


Garden and Landscaping Services

Rain barrels. Stormwater-friendly landscaping. Pollinator and rain gardens. You can bring smart, beautiful, ecology-minded activities home with UpstreamPgh’s team of landscape designers and project managers. Let us help you make the most of your property and its natural environment. We work across the region. Let us think upstream for you.

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Rain Barrels
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Native Landscapes
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Rain Gardens
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Pollinator Gardens
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Green Stormwater Maintenace
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